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The Ulster Fillies organization has been teaching softball for over 25 years and has a proud history!


Based out of Ulster County NY, the Ulster Fillies Organization provides the opportunity for young women from Ulster County and its surrounding areas to play competitive fastpitch softball and offers teams in the 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U age brackets. Be sure to check out our long, rich history here. Fillies Allumni/Commits and Former Fillies News!

Ulster Fillies teams compete in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer events with the intent of a Nationals trip at the end of the Summer schedule. The team offers a ten week Winter practice schedule which includes competition in Dome tournaments.

You have to play the best to be the best!

All Fillies teams compete in only the highest caliber regional events.

The 16U/18U teams will play in multiple College Showcase tournaments with the goal being, maximizing our players exposure to college opportunities. All of our players and their families are given the proper guidance on how to find the right college home to best fit their student/athlete needs at the next level.


2010 – 16U ASA “A” Nationals 3rd place in York, PA

2011 – 16U ASA “A” Nationals 7th place in Salem, VA

2012 – 18U USSSA Open Nationals runners up in Salisbury, MD

2012 - 16U Triple Crown Nationals 3rd place in Myrtle Beach

2013 – 16U PONY “A” Nationals 3rd place in Sterling, VA

2013 – 18U PONY “A” Nationals 3rd place finish in Sterling, VA

2015 - 14U USSSA "A" Nationals 4th place in Salisbury, MD

2016 - 12U USSSA Nationals 2nd place in East Hartford, CT

2017 - 16U USSSA Open/A Nationals 4th place in Salisbury, MD

2018 - 16U USSSA Open/A Nationals 7th place in Salisbury, MD

2018 - 18U USSSA Open/A Nationals 9th place in Sailsbury, MD

2019 - 16U USSSA Nationals 7th Place in Hartford, CT

2019 - 18U USSSA Open/A Nationals Runners Up in Salisbury, MD

2021 - 16U USSSA Nationals 7th Place finish in Salisbury, MD

2021 - 18U USSSA Nationals 7th Place finish in Salisbury, MD

2022 - 16U USSSA Nationals 9th Place finish in Salisbury, MD

The Ulster Fillies are a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization

Organizational or other tryout related questions may also be emailed to

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