Our annual scholarships, will be given out to our High School Seniors who have been recruited to continue their softball careers/academic pursuits at the collegiate level.  These players must possess high Ulster Fillies values in academic achievement, character, sportsmanship, charity and family.

Please fill out this application and email it to to be eligible.

The winners will be announced at our annual home tournament.

Applications must be submitted on or before

May 1st to be officially entered into the award process.


Good luck to all of our applicants!!!


2017 Mariel Mustello - Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Award

2017Angela Van Pelt - Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Award

2017 Kacie Allison - Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Award

2018 Tori Decker - American Legion Scholarship Award

2018 Alex McKearin - Sunshine Orthodontics Scholarship Award

2018 Jess Chilcott - Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Award

2018 Megan Peace - Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Award

2018 Alyssa Villielm - MHVFCU Scholarship Award

2018 Vanessa Brandt - HVFS Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Tori Decker for winning the American Legion Scholarship Award!

Congratulations to Alex McKearin for winning the Sunshine Orthodontics Scholarship Award!

Congratulations to Jess Chilcott for winning one of the Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Awards!

Congratulations to Megan Peace for winning one of the Rebecca Brownstone Scholarship Awards!

Congratulations to Alyssa Villielm for winning the MHVFCU Scholarship Award!

Congratulations to Vanessa Brandt for winning the Hudson Valley Financial Services Scholarship Award!