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Why become a Fillie?

#1 - A strong tradition! (look at our Fillies Alumni page) Established in 1996, we have been committed to instructing young ladies of the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas to become better softball players for over 25 years in every aspect of the game.


#2 - We maintain a substantial and established college contact resource list, and help players find the right college home that best fits their needs at the next level.

#3 - We only play the highest level of competition. Look at the tournaments we play in and then check where other teams play. Don't be fooled. We want our teams to see the best teams out there and what they should be striving for. By doing so this will help to improve the girls game and prepare them for high school and college softball.

#4 - We are a 501c3 not for profit softball organization.

#5 - Our coaches teach our players to play with passion, good sportsmanship and display Fillies Pride.

#6 - We are the only fastpitch organization in the Hudson Valley to hold our own collegiate skills camp clinic which over 100 players participated in, along with 30-40 college coaches!

#7 - We host our own College Showcase Tournament each year.  Its all about getting our players exposure to help them move on to the next level and to help them achieve their dream of playing college ball!

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